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Philbrick is about the meanest wind-instrument wizard to draw a breath in Florida...(with) lilting, fire-possesed soloing." 

​Greg Tozian, The Tampa Tribune

"Philbrick is no gold-brick; there is no slouching here. He is about as energetic a performer as you'll see, a major talent, and that, combined with sheer skill and ensemble work, makes for music that doesn't well, clash.

Dean Johnson, Orlando Sentinal Star

"In the hands of an inspired flutist, the instrument becomes capable of producing the sweet, flowing sound which is the essence of music, a balm for the troubled mind.  Last week we "discovered" flutist and musician extraordinaire Dave Philbrick at Monte's.  His sound is pure freedom.  It lilts and floats, swoops and soars, hovers and accelerates. Philbrick's flute is a vehicle for the mind to escape mundane trivialities.  You don't have to be a jazz buff to enjoy Philbrick...You just need some time to relax.  There is a definite pristine cleanliness that characterizes a flute in the hands of a master...and Philbrick is that, a master."   

Randy Harrison, Orlando Sentinel Star 

"A phenomenal performer, Philbrick's range, control and mastery of his instruments is remarkable." 

​Lynn Fuson, The Tampa Tribune-Times

"One of the hottest young flautists that I've heard in a Calgary nightclub-nay any nightclub...I haven't heard playing this good in a club for years.  I can remember top-notch musicians such as Fraser McPherson and Carse Sneddon who used to blow great sounds in the Vancouver clubs during the mid-sixties, but I don't believe they could match young Philbrick.  He scat vocalizes and blows flute simultaneously, in the style of Rahsaan Roland Kirk, and seems to hold power in reserve." 

​Brian Brennan, The Calgary Herald

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