Hitting the Road in our new Lazy Daze, Bossa Nova

Gamble Rogers State Park, Florida


Embrace Your Passion

After radically downsizing, we are hitting the open road, camping  in our 27' Lazy Daze RV, looking for campgrounds and awe-inspiring vistas all across our great country,   Check out our blog for all the action.

Bossa Nova

We ordered our 27' "home"  from Lazy Daze in Montclair, CA in August 2016, and after 10-months on the wait list, we picked her up, christened her "Bossa Nova" and hit the road.  Life is good.

Beach Walk Fusion Jazz Flute CD

Beach Walk

Ten flute tunes from hot to mellow David recorded with Howard Helm to brighten or lighten your day,.  


Let's Connect

Do you have questions, want to collaborate on some new music, or share your RV adventures?  How about a free download of "Beach Walk" and/or "WAKE UP!"?  Drop us a line.

David Eaton Philbrick Flutist